Building a truly customer-centric experience for insurance companies.

Customers expect insurers to deliver a fast, hassle-free customer experience, and they also want to feel understood. To help you meet the demand, our trained experts are on-hand to deliver an outstanding service, quickly and effectively.

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Give your customers peace of mind.

Your customers will often need to discuss highly confidential information and trust that their details are safe in your hands. So, it’s vital to build your operation on a secure communications infrastructure that will ensure their confidence in your business.

At FM Outsource, we can create a robust technology setup that securely integrates your existing systems, ensures compliance by default with custom automation and workflows, and reduces the margin for human error in business-as-usual queries. Your customers will feel well cared for and you can also rest easy knowing your business is compliant with industry regulations.

Our customer service operatives are trained specifically on soft skills and interpersonal communications to put your customers at ease, whilst meeting their demands as quickly as possible. And for managing your long-term customer retention strategies, our dedicated objection-handling teams are well equipped to minimise churn and maximise brand loyalty.

Your challenges, our solutions.

When you choose FM Outsource as your trusted partner, you get a fully bespoke outsourcing strategy, which can easily be tracked to manage overall expenses and take the stress away from your internal teams. Whether it’s walking a new policyholder through their insurance cover or handling an objection from an existing customer, we’re here to help your business continue thriving.

Elevate your customer service.

90% first-time resolution rate

We boast a 90% first-time resolution rate.

Powerful software integrations

Powerful integrations with bespoke software.

Set-up and go in weeks

Set-up and go in weeks to assist with peak times.

24/7, 365 day expert support

24/7, 365 days a year expert support in any language.

Save money with customer service outsourcing.

In a world of tighter budgets and multiple options, it can be difficult to know exactly where best to spend your money. In our cost analysis, we break down how much an insourced agent actually costs you and, more importantly, how much you’ll save by outsourcing.

And our entirely UK-based teams can actually help improve your customer experience at the same time. So we’ve included some client case studies showing you how we achieve this.

Insourcing vs outsourcing cost analysis download

At FM Outsource, we are experts in
the entire customer service journey.



We understand that, in essence, customer service is about relationships and building connections with people. We invest heavily in our agents – both time and capital – to ensure they are the best in the business. 

We will never know your customers as well as you do, but we know how to deliver the exceptional customer services that they want!



Our tried-and-tested approach to customer service ensures that each step of the journey is considered and accounted for. Our consultants and customer service teams are always on-hand to advise, helping to create a more streamlined experience – not just for your business, but for your customers.



We offer a future-proofed solution that uses the latest technology to ensure quality and efficiency across the board. Whether it’s providing omnichannel solutions to digitally transform your offering, or creating a seamless pathway through your CRM or sales funnel, we know how to make technology work for your business.

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