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Great customer service outsourcing creates happy customers – even if the rest of the customer journey goes wrong. In a supply chain full of variables, it’s the one moving part that you guarantee goes right. Start your customer service outsourcing journey today with 100 free contacts – perfect for managing COVID-19 disruption.
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Customer Service Teams Don’t Come Together By Accident
We’ve got a formula perfected over years of experience in the industry.

At FM Outsource, we provide quality customer service outsourcing that prioritises your customers’ needs. We believe modern outsourcing has to be better if it’s going to survive in an intensely competitive and saturated market. We care deeply about making a difference, impressing our customers, and being the best at what we do. And we think that being the best means offering the most complete customer experience possible – so that’s our ultimate goal.

Everything else is about how we get there.

Expert Support: 24/7, 365 Days a Year

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Our customer service teams are always available to support your customers, whenever you need us, wherever you need us!

Multilingual Teams for a Global Business

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We have decades of experience running multi-national, multilingual customer service teams – reaching a global audience.

State-of-the-Art Technology

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We make customer service outsourcing more effective and efficient through the use of quality technology solutions.

Ready to take your customer service to the next level?

Our Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

At FM Outsource, we know that when it comes to customer service outsourcing, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Which is why we offer a variety of customer service options to help businesses meet their goals.

Full service customer support

A holistic approach to customer service outsourcing. We're well equipped to transition your existing operation, whether it's in-house or with another provider, to our teams with a seamless customer experience.

Full customer service solution
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Partial Customer Support

We know that customer service outsourcing isn't all or nothing. That’s why we provide a top-up support service that works alongside your existing customer service team. Out-of-hours, social media queries or overflow are all part and parcel of what we do.

Customer Service Consultancy

If you need expertise without the resource, we can be hired independently to help you improve an existing team with customer service consultancy. The most senior and experienced members of our management team will be on hand to share ideas and advice no matter the challenge.

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Regardless of what customer service outsourcing solution you require, we guarantee results:



Customer Satisfaction


Contact Per Hour



Cost Per Contact

Re-examining Retail: What do consumers expect in 2021?

Download our latest customer service outsourcing report, based on a survey of real UK customers, to understand their attitudes.

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What Is Customer Service Outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing is the process of enlisting another company to resolve your customer care queries: recruiting, training and managing your customer care team in full. Fully outsourced solutions don’t simply clear queues of interactions, they forecast, plan and report on actions, and lend experience to help your business run more efficiently and effectively.​

Delivering Customer Service Remotely

One of the key benefits of customer service outsourcing is that it can be delivered anywhere, That has been extremely valuable given the shift to remote working in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The flexibility and ease with which quality customer service can be secured and delivered, even remotely, is a testament to how empowering a team outside of your organisation can produce excellent results.

Why Outsource Customer Service?

There are a number of reasons why a business would consider customer service outsourcing. For a start, it’s almost always cheaper. Economies of scale make outsourcers uniquely equipped for customer care – whether that’s absorbing the cost of recruitment or access to technology. So when it comes to customer service outsourcing, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Growing businesses don’t have to hire knowledge if they can borrow it from a supplier. Outsourcers know how to bring ideas to the table for customer service transformation, such as shifting volume between channels to create a more effective strategy. If it’s a question of availability, customer service outsourcing can cover any channel, at any time, in any language – ensuring none of your customers are left out during their experience. And with greater availability of staff, it means that less pressure is put on individual customer care professionals and each query is dealt with in a more reasonable time-frame. Meaning more speed and flexibility.

How Much Does Outsourcing Customer Service Cost?

The cost of customer service outsourcing varies greatly depending on your businesses location and your specific requirements. If you’re UK-based, the cost can be anywhere between £15-20/hour depending on the provider.  Our customer service outsourcing is technology driven, giving us a unique advantage which allows us to operate at a significantly lower cost. As part of our customer service outsourcing solution, we go the extra mile to ensure the best result. We’ll build custom widgets so clients can see their OMS or tracking system easily, meaning operators work quicker, helping to reduce overall costs. We also resolve technical challenges around reporting – minimising manual effort and costs, and giving you more clarity than ever. On average our customer service outsourcing costs are £16.60/hour, ensuring excellent results-driven performance at a highly competitive price!

A Trusted Customer Service Partner

At FM Outsource, we're proud to work with some of the biggest brands in the retail industry – delivering the savings and service quality that makes the difference. Check out what some of them have to say about us:

  • Giving our customers excellent service is paramount in stores and our after care needs to reflect these high standards. We are confident that our new partnership will use the latest technology to ensure that customers continue to receive the best possible service.

  • Given the continued success of our Marketzone websites, we realised that we needed to enhance the Customer Service offer to our customers. After reviewing the products and companies in the market, we felt FM Outsource offered the most cost effective solution. They understood both our industry and issues, so hit the ground running once appointed.

  • Partnering with an outsourced customer service team is a hard choice to make, however we feel confident we've made the right one. FMO's expertise and professionalism have exceeded our expectations. We are excited to see what the new partnership will bring, not just for the business but most importantly for our customers.

Considerations for Customer Service Outsourcing

Despite the numerous benefits of customer service outsourcing, there are some key concerns that will need careful handling to protect your business:

  • Brand Understanding – Another company cannot know and love your brand like you do. They might get very close, but it’ll take investment on both parts to enable a successful transfer of brand knowledge into your outsourced team. This process needs to be very carefully managed to ensure the end result remains true to who you are whilst ensuring top-quality service from your customer service outsource partner.
  • Managing Your Agents – Depending on the provider, it might feel like you’re not directly in control of your customer service team. And to a certain extent, this is true – you don’t hold the employment contracts. Instead, you have a service contract. So you have to let your outsourcer look after your staff whilst you monitor overall performance. Choosing an outsourcer with good staff incentive and care schemes is the best way to ensure you have a happy team. 
  • Contract Length – Most customer service outsourcing teams require long contracts – usually at least 12 months, but very often 2 years for larger operations. This makes it difficult to exit early unless performance is very poor. Not all providers are this stringent, but it is fairly prevalent in the industry and something to consider when you weigh up your options.

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