Outbound customer service.

Need to reach out to prospective or existing customers with professionalism and care? We create scalable outbound customer service teams to complement your business activity and produce results.

Driving results for your business.

Whether it’s contacting prospective customers, upselling to existing customers, or updating them about changes to a delivery or policy, we have the people, the processes, and the tools to get it right. Our teams of highly-trained customer service experts guarantee your customers get a friendly, informative experience every time they hear from your brand.

No matter what outsourcing support you need, we are here to help.

Full customer service coverage on any platform.

Professional, organised teams hand-picked by our experts.

Scalable support to suit your requirements.

No shrinkage costs for a more cost-efficient solution.

Engaging prospects on every channel.

As an omnichannel provider we can reach out to your customers or prospects via telephony, social media, email, SMS, or even Whatsapp. This means we can engage with people how they prefer, without wasting their time or yours! 

Our outbound customer service teams use the technology of your choosing to ensure 100% transparency on all our activities. FM Outsource consultants and outbound strategists are trained to be flexible, allowing them to use any tech stack you need to guarantee a more efficient outbound centre. Similarly, our consultants can support your internal teams by recommending software that makes your communication better, regardless of channel.

Outbound services for every scenario.

Boost your sales

Boost your sales team.

We’ll reach out to prospective or existing customers to sell or upsell your products with a traditional, outbound sales function.

Customer Retention

Protect customer retention.

We’ll engage customers who are ready to leave (or have even already left), and extend their lifetime value as far as possible.

Outbound follow-ups

Close the loop on follow-ups.

We’ll bring complex issues like claims to a close with a specially trained outbound customer care team.

Cost per hour customer care outbound contact centre.

Fixed hourly rates to meet your outsourcing requirements – so you can reach more customers for less.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable to any situation, ensuring you always get the best service, regardless of your budget.

  • More contacts per hour
  • Lower cost per interaction
  • Cold calling and appointment setting
  • Chasing in renewals
  • Follow-up for inbound queries

Outbound communication that matches your brand.

Each of our customer service agents are given extensive training, ensuring our customers get the very best in the business! Not only are they trained in delivering outbound customer service to a high quality, they are also briefed on your brand tone and voice so, when they speak to your customers, they sound like you.

We’ve perfected the effective and efficient implementation of outbound customer service, and understand that larger organisations have a wider range of requirements. That’s why we offer on-site training days and technical support to ensure a smooth start to any project.

Real-time reporting and analytics from day one.

We offer clients transparency from the get-go. That’s why we provide day-to-day thermometer checks, insights, and business reviews as standard so you’re always updated on the progress of our outbound customer service teams. And to guarantee you’re always in the loop, we provide digestible reporting dashboards in real-time so you can see productivity indicators, contact volume, and contact quality.

Our team and tech are designed to slot into your existing setup, ensuring a smooth transition and zero downtime. We are experts at establishing new outbound channels and hooking into your CRM or sales funnel, so we can start delivering on our service level agreements as soon as possible.

Experienced consultants in any sector.

Our experts are adept at creating efficient, effective customer service strategies across a range of industries. So, no matter who you are or how you service your customers, we can help you build more streamlined customer care processes.

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