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Our in-house customer service technology is built by experts in the customer care industry to provide your teams with simple but powerful tools.

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Customer communication, done better

We built Gnatta to create a truly omnichannel software that puts the customer or client at the heart of the conversation. Every channel sits right inside the UI – telephony, social media, live chat, it’s all there! And, with the addition of widgets, your advisors never have to open another tab again. Everything they need is right at their fingertips.

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Gnatta is trusted by…

Birmingham Airport
Ovo Energy
Pret A Manger

And many more!

Data at your fingertips

With the ability to read previous interactions and advisor notes, as well as third-party widgets such as courier tracking data, our advisors always have a finger on the pulse.

An omnichannel view

Every interaction from a single customer is part of a continuous conversation, regardless of channel. Everything is answered right inside the browser so we never miss a call or message.

Automation at its best

From bespoke chatbots to query routing, Gnattaʼs automation removes the repetitive tasks from our advisors so they can spend more time focusing on the customer.

All the insights you need

Gnatta features a full analytics solution with real-time dashboards. Paired with FM’s data and insights, you’ll know the how and why of every conversation.

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Lite & Essential

Use Gnatta at no extra cost

When you only need a little help with answering calls and messages, you don’t want the added cost of customer service technology as well.

That’s why all Lite and Essential tier clients get Gnatta for free.

And our advisors are already fully trained and experienced with Gnatta so you can rest assured that your setup will be seamless.


Switch or stay; you choose

We know that our Dedicated clients want the best tech to go with the best teams. And, although we’ll always champion Gnatta, we know that the software your internal teams are using might be the best choice for your business.

We’re experienced in using many CRM platforms and are happy to introduce you to Gnatta or integrate the tech you’re used to.

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