Quality customer service technology.

There are two essential parts to delivering effective customer service: a great team, and great technology. The best tech pushes the boundaries of what an operational team can achieve by streamlining processes and allowing advisors to focus on wowing your customers, all while reducing costs.

We can implement a variety of tech stacks, working with you to determine the best approach and adapting our teams based on your choices.

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Investing in effective technology.

At FM Outsource, we make it our mission to improve our clients’ operational standards across the board. For us, it’s not enough to supply the very best people for the job, we want to help create more efficient practices by pairing them with the best tech – whether that’s something you already own or guiding you toward something new.

Our relationship with technology runs deep. Not only do we have years of experience harnessing tools and tech to make customer service better – including the launch of our sister company, Gnatta – we are also experts in software integration and management. We are experts in VPNs and automated reporting, helping you to set up and secure access to a range of new technologies.

AI and bots

Implement simple AI and bots.

With a fully- or partially-automated setup, you can let AI bots do the data gathering for you, reducing strain on operators. Our experts create bots to assist your team or help you build your own for more efficient customer service support.

We can also implement quick reply features which enable you to engage with customers automatically and deal with peak periods. But there’s a direct route to an operator, so customers can speak to a real human as soon as they want to.


Use bespoke integrations.

We can connect your customer service tech to the rest of the software your team uses. Be it a CRM, order management software, or tracking software, we’ll enable them to talk to each other, creating seamless connections.

No more tab hopping for your operators, or logging into slow and outdated external systems. Integrations mean your advisors have everything in one place, empowering them to give better, more accurate responses at the first point of contact.


Automated workflows for better routing.

FM Outsource are experts in routing customers to the best operator for their query – leading to a better first contact resolution. We developed granular routing logic that prioritises your customers’ messages however you want, from purchase history to the channel they’re contacting you on.

Whether it’s data-triggered, topic-triggered, or time-triggered, we help your operators understand what’s required to deliver a better experience.

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Creating efficient working practices, however you operate.

With constant changes to the traditional working environment, we’ve made it easier to facilitate remote working teams without impacting security or effectiveness. We are proficient in a number of VPN integrations to guarantee that your customer service teams can operate to their maximum potential, wherever they are!

We implement leading technology to reduce manual processes in your funnel – such as refunds and returns – and replace it with automation to help boost efficiencies across the department.

Our people are your people.

As a family-owned and operated business, we believe in investing in our people, giving them the skills they need to become the best customer service operators in the business. Each new customer service agency is given extensive training by an FM Outsource expert before joining your team – ensuring they can represent your brand in the best way. So no matter what channel they use to speak to your customers, you can be confident they’ll be performing to the highest standards.

Streamline your processes.

Our experts take pains to ensure that every part of your customer service journey is accounted for, so quality service doesn’t stop after the first contact.

With experienced customer service consultants, we can help you create a more streamlined experience, spotting issues in your channel flow and building more robust customer service practices for the future.

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