Don’t struggle with customer service recruitment & training; let the experts help

Over the years, we have become experts in customer service recruitment and talent management. We’re passionate about enhancing the industry and ensuring all consumers receive the support they deserve. So, we’re offering our expertise to you.

The right people in the right place

Customer service is an industry with a high turnover; there’s no escaping it. And when your business is busy, you need people yesterday. But it can be difficult to curate a suitable pool of talent for customer service roles and it can be tempting to just hire anyone you can.

Remove all the stress of hiring by letting us do the work for you. At FM, we’re highly flexible and can recruit whatever roles you need, from frontline advisors to managers. We have years of experience in finding the best recruits, so you’ll have the right people in the right place when you need them most.

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Recruitment and training packages for all your needs


We’ll advertise your role and source the applications through our established channels. Applicants take several skills tests and submit video responses to ensure they’re the right fit. We can send you the filtered candidates at this point, or you can add on our Select package.


For that extra layer of certainty, our recruitment team can conduct interviews with the same criteria we use to hire our own advisors or with a more bespoke approach that works for your brand. We use a recruitment platform to help us parse and filter applicants, meaning you’ll only get the best of the best candidates.


Need to upskill your staff, or don’t want the hassle of training new recruits? We can do it for you.

We’ll create a bespoke training program that prepares your staff for their new roles.

We can deliver the training in person (in your offices or yours) or online, depending on your needs.

Add our Secure package after Source & Select or simply ask about Secure only.

Our digital training platform allows us to create bespoke training guides for each of our clients so your advisors won’t just be able to answer calls and queries; they’ll also be experts in your brand.


Already have great advisors in place, but need a more in-depth way of monitoring them? Our Supervise package might be for you.

Our QA team have designed a robust system for grading advisor interactions in an extremely concise way.

Many of our clients are surprised by how succinct our assessment questions are whilst still being extremely effective. In fact, our clients’ teams haven’t missed a target in the last 12 months.

Our QA team will use this same process to give your advisors overall scores and drill down into each element of an interaction with clear feedback and steps for improvement.

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