Enhanced customer service for the logistics sector.

In the increasingly competitive, populated, and fast-paced logistics market, the standard of your customer service is what will separate your brand from the rest. Our logistics call centre outsourcing teams seamlessly integrate themselves within your business and are on hand to provide exemplary customer support 24/7.

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Connect with your customers the right way.

At FM Outsource we consider the connection between a brand and its customers to be the fulcrum of what makes a service great. Swiftly solving customers’ problems and providing solutions for more complicated queries all contribute to solidifying brand devotion. But we understand that getting customer service right in the already incredibly demanding logistics sector isn’t easy. For this reason, we have carefully selected our processes, technology, and people so that the service we deliver is of the highest standard regardless of the channel it comes through. 

Our logistics call centre outsourcing experts have years of experience in creating frictionless customer journeys for countless partners using state-of-the-art solutions and intelligence. We’ll work to best suit your business’ demands. So whether you need help scaling a customer service team in line with your business’ burgeoning growth, creating more seamless sales pipelines, or coping with peak periods of demand for the logistics industry, we’ll be ready and waiting to boost your customer service and keep your business cost-effective. 

Your challenges, our solutions.

Quality and care are at the forefront of our offering so you can rest assured that your customers will always have a great experience with our agents and, with our range of channels, no enquiry will fall on deaf ears.   

Our team is fully based in the UK, meaning your customers are guaranteed to be connected with an agent who fully understands their needs. As for international brands who offer fulfillment services to and from Europe, we have a wide selection of native-level customer service specialists covering a number of different languages. 

Take control of your customer service.

Planning, management and reporting of your operation

Planning, management and reporting of your operation.

Intensive training programmes

Intensive training programmes and robust advisor support.

Integration with your CRM and logistics management system

Integration with your CRM and logistics management system.

Set-up and go in weeks

Set-up and go in weeks to assist with demand.

24/7, 365 day expert support

24/7, 365 days a year expert support in any language

Improving brand reputation for our clients.

FM Outsource does more than provide customer care; we always push that extra mile.

Our client – a household name in the health and beauty sector – reached out to FM Outsource to digitally transform their customer service offering. Within 10 months, we had improved their review score to 4 out of 5 stars. And, in 2021, they were independently ranked as one of the most trusted brands in the world alongside fashion giant Dior.

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At FM Outsource, we are experts in
the entire customer service journey.



We understand that, in essence, customer service is about relationships and building connections with people. We invest heavily in our agents – both time and capital – to ensure they are the best in the business. 

We will never know your customers as well as you do, but we know how to deliver the exceptional customer services that they want!



Our tried-and-tested approach to customer service ensures that each step of the journey is considered and accounted for. Our consultants and customer service teams are always on-hand to advise, helping to create a more streamlined experience – not just for your business, but for your customers.



We offer a future-proofed solution that uses the latest technology to ensure quality and efficiency across the board. Whether it’s providing omnichannel solutions to digitally transform your offering, or creating a seamless pathway through your CRM or sales funnel, we know how to make technology work for your business.

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