Jonny Campbell

Head of Customer Growth & Retention

As our experienced Head of Growth & Retention, Jonny is responsible for the expansion of the business. He is entirely invested in championing customer success through efficiency, effective operations and the empowerment of great people.

He is directly responsible for onboarding many clients during the last 3 years and reducing their monthly costs by over 30% in many cases. This makes him best placed to understand the challenges and pain points of prospects and deliver a solution.

Jonny is principally interested in the cost of delivering excellence in customer services; helping brands realise the benefits and efficiencies of using a UK-based outsourcer. By its very nature, this also extends to understanding and appreciating how technology plays a part in alleviating costs for businesses in this space – a topic that is of keen interest to Jonny and his team.

Jonny is a home-grown talent, having worked within the FM Outsource family since 2015 in a variety of roles, bringing his expertise, intelligence and passion for growth into every aspect of the business.


Areas of leadership

  • Cost analysis
  • Customer experience technology and SaaS
  • Customer service processes

Fun fact

After buying his first home, Jonny discovered a passion for home renovation. He even has his own home bar for entertaining family and friends!

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