Quick Replies

Gnatta Releases Social Media Automation Study

Our sister company, Gnatta, has recently released a client case study exploring how the use of social media quick replies could improve operator efficiency and cut operational costs.  

Social media quick replies are pre-written answers to FAQs. Customers see a range of questions in the form of buttons within the social media messaging platform. Once clicked, the question can be answered instantaneously, avoiding the need for human intervention in some cases. 

Gnatta’s study focuses on one of their clients who implemented quick replies in time for their peak period in 2020. The study found that their client saved £117,000 over a 5 month period. It further extrapolates that a large company could save more than £600,000 a year. The study also breaks down the calculations so readers can determine an approximate saving for themselves.  

To read more about the case study – or to download it – click below.