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How can customer service be improved for airlines before summer?

Various events last summer saw many flights and holidays being cancelled at short notice, which had financial and reputational impacts on airlines in turn. The fallout of such situations serves as a stark reminder of the critical need for airlines to plan and implement effective long-term support strategies to navigate potential disruptions.

Google’s Gemini Proves AI for Customer Service Still Isn’t Ready

AI for customer service is a bit of a buzzword – and has been for some time – but the recent controversies surrounding Gemini, Google’s shiny new conversational AI, shed light on the broader challenges facing AI in customer service. Despite advancements, biases persist within these systems, raising questions about their readiness to replace human operators.

FM’s Research Featured in Forbes

Data from FM’s Make Every Conversation Count study was recently featured in Forbes magazine. Kate Hardcastle, broadcaster & global go-to consumer insights specialist, recently wrote an article that posed the question: has great customer service checked out of retail for good?

The Importance of Good Customer Service in 2024

Customers expect more than ever from businesses, and the importance of good customer service is only growing in 2024. After a year of energy companies failing to meet standards, cost of living crises, and some of the worst press surrounding customer service across many industries.

Top 5 Sectors that Need to Improve Customer Service in 2024

Consumer demands and expectations are ever-changing and the need to improve customer service is increasing. As we step into 2024 the cost-of-living crisis is still affecting many households and businesses big and small are continuing to feel the pinch. This continues to have a significant impact on the satisfaction of customers across business sectors…

Capacity and Communication: the Key to Customer Service in a Crisis

From fires in Greece and air traffic control failures seeing holiday-makers stranded to an airport fire damaging visitor vehicles more recently, crises beyond a business’ control can create significant ramifications for operations – and often customers in turn. So how do you handle customer service in a crisis?

Amazon Prime Days: Why Customer Service is Key to Success

What makes Amazon’s Prime Days so successful, and why do people eagerly anticipate it year after year, despite the continuous rumour that the prices just aren’t that good? The answer lies in Amazon’s customer service and the power of personalisation.