Amazon Prime Days: Why Customer Service is Key to Success

Amazon is a worldwide name; they’re constantly redefining the way we shop online and Amazon’s customer service has been leading the way in e-commerce for years. One of the most anticipated events on Amazon’s calendar is the Prime Big Deal Days, a shopping extravaganza that captures the hearts and wallets of millions of customers worldwide.

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days is a two-day shopping event exclusively for Amazon Prime members. It features thousands of deals, discounts, and special offers across a wide range of products, from electronics to fashion, home essentials to entertainment. The event has become a global phenomenon, with customers eagerly waiting to snag the best deals on their favourite products.

What makes this event so successful, and why do people eagerly anticipate it year after year, despite the continuous rumour that the prices just aren’t that good? The answer lies in Amazon’s customer service and the power of personalisation.

Amazon’s Customer Service Plays a Key Role

Automation & AI

Amazon knows that when they head into these kinds of global events, they’re going to see a deluge in customer service contacts. With customer care teams across the world, they should already be well-equipped to handle this influx, right? Well, not quite, even the biggest teams have a capacity. That’s why Amazon use automation to reduce the number of incoming queries. By making it easy for customers to help themselves and making the returns/refund process as painless as possible, Amazon is able to reduce the pressure on their teams. They also use simple chatbots – and are working on more complex AI – to gather information for their advisors and filter customers to the right place.


When a customer does want to get in contact, they have a range of options, including chat support, phone support, and an extensive help centre. The 24/7 availability of these support channels during Prime Big Deal Days ensures that customers can resolve any issues or queries quickly, thereby reducing frustration and enhancing the overall shopping experience. And, with the chatbots answering FAQs and quickly filtering customers, advisors have more time to focus on helping customers and know exactly how to resolve an issue when it arrives on their radar.

Amazon's customer service

Hassle-Free Returns

Amazon’s lenient return policy is a cornerstone of its customer service. This policy allows customers to return items easily, with a straightforward – and automated – process and free return shipping for many items. Whilst offering free returns is not essential for every business, making the process painless for the customer is. During Prime Big Deal Days, customers feel more comfortable making purchases, knowing that they can easily return products if they change their minds or encounter any issues. And, when a customer has a legitimate problem with the product they’ve purchased, the last thing they want to deal with is a complicated and long process that leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

The Power of Personalization

Amazon’s ability to offer personalized product recommendations is a significant factor in the success of Prime Big Deal Days. The company leverages its vast database of customer preferences, purchase history, and browsing behaviour to create curated lists of products that are likely to appeal to each individual. These recommendations take into account factors like previous purchases, items in the shopping cart, and even the time of day to create a highly personalized shopping experience.

Amazon also uses personalization to target promotions and deals. For instance, if a customer has been exploring smart home products, they are more likely to see discounted smart speakers, thermostats, or other related items during the event. By showing customers the products they are genuinely interested in, Amazon enhances the shopping experience and boosts the likelihood of making a sale.

Amazon’s email marketing strategy for Prime Big Deal Days is another example of personalization at its best. Customers receive emails highlighting deals on the products they’ve been looking at or related items they might find appealing. These personalized email communications ensure customers are informed about the deals that matter to them, without overwhelming their inboxes.

How Does This Translate to Your Business?

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days are not just about discounted products and promotions; they are about delivering a personalized and exceptional customer experience. And that is something that can be replicated in any business, no matter how large or small.

Utilize customer data to curate product recommendations, target promotions, and personalize communications. Offer fast and reliable delivery, establish responsive, flexible customer support on multiple channels, and implement hassle-free return policies. And consider using automation or simple AI to reduce incoming interactions, improve efficiency and overall make the jobs of your customer service advisors easier.

Amazon’s customer service builds trust and ensures that customers have a positive shopping experience from start to finish. By replicating their approach and tailoring to their own customers’ unique needs, businesses can reap those same rewards.