FM's Research Featured in Forbes

FM’s Research Featured in Forbes

Data from FM’s Make Every Conversation Count study was recently featured in Forbes magazine. Kate Hardcastle, broadcaster & global go-to consumer insights specialist, recently wrote an article that posed the question: has great customer service checked out of retail for good?

With the economic climate posing huge challenges for retailers, it’s not surprising that brands might be cutting costs in any department they can. But can they really afford to let customer service suffer? Well, FM’s data shows that nearly half of UK consumers feel like customer care is no longer a priority for businesses, meaning the cracks are already starting to show.

It’s no wonder then that Kate says retailers ought to reassess their approach. She suggests that brands need to consider a hybrid approach, using both technology to improve efficiency and human agents to provide excellent care. This is something we at FM are huge advocates of. AI and automation should be used to improve the lives of operators whilst they work alongside the technology. If you give AI too much control, both the quality of service and customer satisfaction go down simply because AI isn’t capable of replacing a human yet. This is something we discuss in our latest guide: How to Improve Sales Through Customer Service.

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