Martin Brown

Chief Commercial Officer

Martin is a founding shareholder at FM Outsource.  

With a strong background in IT and project management, Martin has a passion for all things technology. He particularly specialises in understanding the relationship between technology and customer service and how it can be used to provide a superior customer experience. ​​He has seen first-hand how change can come quickly and sees customer service requirements as radically changing in the here and now.

As the Chief Commercial Officer for FM Outsource and our sister company, Gnatta, Martin is involved at all levels of the business, seeing and intimately understanding how advancements in technology can drive growth opportunities across the sector.

Martin also has a keen interest in the development of UI in fast-paced digital environments. Drawing on his experience in the IT industry, he is always keen to learn more about the development of new software, and how they can be adapted to suit the needs of modern consumers.

Areas of leadership

  • Customer service & experience
  • Digital transformation
  • Information technology

Fun fact

Martin is a rugby fan and is a classically trained trumpet player who once was invited to play with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (along with a bunch of other guest invitations!)

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