Kirsty Robinson

Head of Marketing

As our Head of Marketing, Kirsty controls the bulk of the external output of the business, keeping an ear to the ground on all things customer experience related. With a proven track record of success in various financial and creative institutions, Kirsty knows what it takes to connect with people – through messaging, content and brand.

Kirsty has nearly 17 years of experience in her field, having headed teams in both the B2C and B2B space – client and agency side!

She continuously brings this to the forefront within FM Outsource, guiding the entire team on how to challenge the preconceptions of outsourcing and working with the sales team to deliver a better customer experience.

Kirsty is principally concerned with brand messaging and building sentiment among your customer base. She is passionate about building connections and brings this out in her insights. If you want to understand why messaging, voice and brand sentiment are fundamental to creating the best customer experience possible, read her latest content.

Areas of leadership

  • Marketing
  • Brand sentiment & reputation

Fun fact

Kirsty loves travelling. As a child, she lived in Spain and caught the travelling bug from there. She studied languages at university and subsequently travelled as much as possible. Some of her favourite memories are of picturesque New Zealand and skydiving in Australia.

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