Improving Brand Reputation for Our Clients

We Helped our Client Increase Their Review Score by 91%

We don’t just build a customer service team; we help you build better relationships with your customers. We hire advisors that are tailored to your brand, that are expertly trained, and that have the best technology to provide the best customer experience.

By focusing on quality, we see a boost in efficiency. Better advisors with better tech and better processes can answer your customers quicker and more accurately. And that’s exactly what we did for one of our biggest clients.

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The Power of Social Proof

Our client – a household name in the health and beauty sector – reached out to FM Outsource to digitally transform their customer service offering. They were initially looking to increase efficiency and productivity within their team. But, by completing a full audit of their service

Within 10 months, we had improved their review score to 4 out of 5 stars. And, in 2021, they were independently ranked as one of the most trusted brands in the world alongside fashion giant Dior.

When 52% of customers won’t purchase from a brand with fewer than 4 stars, getting your reputation right matters. In fact, Client A saw continuously growing digital sales during the height of the Covid pandemic, arguably one of the hardest periods for retail in over two decades.


How Did We Do It?













Curious to learn more?

Our full study dives into all the data. We show how much we helped our client improve their review scores, and how quickly we were able to make those changes. We explain in full what actions we took to achieve the improvement and discuss how and why social proof is important to a brand. Want to see the full report? Download it below:

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