Customer Care Teams

Modern customer care outsourcing isn't a one-size fits all kind of deal - that's why we've split our pricing model to suit your scale. We offer cost-per-hour or cost-per-contact customer care with a focus on high quality customer experiences.
FM Outsource Astrolabs Partnership

Solving the Customer Care Challenge

CC Challenge

Business leaders don’t want to focus on service, when growth is so much more exciting.  We believe it’s our job to prove that truly great customer care is not only achievable without paying over the odds, it’ll promote long-term growth. 



Customer Satisfaction





Cost Per Contact



Simple, low commitment customer care - great for exploring new requirements and trialling an outsourced solution with fewer strings attached and a quick setup. 



Looking for a fully comprehensive solution to your outsourced customer care needs? With two tiers of hourly rates, we can build a scalable team at any size. 

The Elements of Great Customer Care

We pride ourselves on offering highly optimised, UK-based customer service operations that impress clients and customers alike. Achieving that was no accident. We’ve got a formula that helps us build a bespoke solution for each client, based on five crucial elements; flexibility, quality, tech, insight and full coverage.









  • Giving our customers excellent service is paramount in stores and our after care needs to reflect these high standards. We are confident that our new partnership will use the latest technology to ensure that customers continue to receive the best possible service.

  • Given the continued success of our Marketzone websites, we realised that we needed to enhance the Customer Service offer to our customers. After reviewing the products and companies in the market, we felt FM Outsource offered the most cost effective solution. They understood both our industry and issues, so hit the ground running once appointed.

  • Partnering with an outsourced customer service team is a hard choice to make, however we feel confident we've made the right one. FMO's expertise and professionalism have exceeded our expectations. We are excited to see what the new partnership will bring, not just for the business but most importantly for our customers.