iForce Marketzone & FM Outsource Launch New Customer Care Team

The UK’s fastest growing supply chain management solution, iForce, partnered with us in 2018 to launch a brand-new customer care team to support its Marketzone business. The project aims to provide industry leading customer support for iForce Marketzone customers, using technology to maintain agile operational processes and quick resolution times.  The launch passed smoothly, with a seamless handover of contact volumes.

The operation is designed to scale with iForce Marketzone by bringing in additional enterprise-level management, reporting, forecasting, quality monitoring and more as contact volumes rise. In today’s competitive business environment, growth can be the number one cause of failure. By enlisting an operation that is cost effective and fit-for-purpose at all stages of development, iForce Marketzone can focus on continuing its growth trajectory into 2019 and beyond.

We love working with iForce – we have a strong background in logistics and their model is incredibly exciting. We know they’re keen to provide a really top-notch customer experience and that’s our ideal client scenario. We’re enjoying being a part of their journey and are looking forward to what’s in the future for us both.

Daniel Foster, Head of Customer Care, FM Outsource

Given the continued success of our Marketzone websites, we realised that we needed to enhance the Customer Service offer to our customers. After reviewing the products and companies in the market, we felt FM Outsource offered the most cost-effective solution. They understood both our industry and issues, so hit the ground running once appointed.

Ryan Norris, Head of Commercial Development at iForce