Brayola & FM Outsource Launch Quality-Focused Customer Care Team

Brayola – the online lingerie retailer helping women to find their perfect-fit bra – has partnered with FM Outsource to create a high-quality customer care team that customers love. The project aims to provide industry-leading service using best-in-class quality assurance. It will also implement a brand-new customer feedback strategy to actively seek customers’ input. The launch has been a success, with all contacts smoothly handed over to FM Outsource. 

FM Outsource is using its experience working with online retailers to create a flexible operation that ensures customers always get a fast, effective response to their query, no matter which channel they choose. Retailers now compete on customer experience, and Brayola have given themselves the advantage.

Partnering with Brayola has been an absolute dream. Their team has been a delight to work with over the course of training and setup. FMO and Brayola are closely aligned, in that we both want to deliver great customer experiences every time. I look forward to working closely with them in the future.

Sally Chandler, CEO of FM Outsource

Partnering with an outsourced customer service is a hard choice to make, however we feel confident we’ve made the right one. FMO’s expertise and professionalism have exceeded our expectations. Customer service is such an important aspect of any business especially for an online E-commerce, like Brayola, where the customer experience is everything. We are excited to see what the new partnership will bring, not just for the business but most importantly for our customers.

Fiona Abrams, VP of Customer Service at Brayola