Modern Milkman & FM Outsource Launch New Team

Modern Milkman (an eco-friendly and modernised milk delivery service) has partnered with FM Outsource to establish a high-quality and cost-effective customer care operation. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Modern Milkman saw a large uptick in contacts and needed support. To this end, FM Outsource has founded a team that can work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic without sacrificing on quality. The new team will provide industry-leading care for Modern Milkman’s customers, relieving some of the strain in this difficult time.

Covid-19 has put immense volume on our business (we are one of the lucky ones to be able to say that). We needed a team that we didn’t have to recruit and train that could just get straight to work. FM Outsource have made this very stressful and pressured time much easier and we appreciate all of their hard work and dedication. – Fiona Abrams, Head of Customer Experience at Modern Milkman

Fiona Abrams, Head of Customer Experience at Modern Milkman

The venture aimed to reduce backlog whilst also providing flexible, agile, and effective customer care.

Knowing we had the FM team behind us, meant we could just focus on growing the business and our own internal team. FM managed to reduce the volume in the exact times we needed and gave us tips and hints along the way to make it easier.

Fiona Abrams, Head of Customer Experience at Modern Milkman

Modern Milkman aimed to find a quick, temporary solution to their customer service needs. But, after using FM Outsource, they now plan on making it part of their long-term customer care operation.

We love the scaling up and down factor, when we sometimes cannot predict when our busy periods are going to happen (pretty much as predictable as the UK summer!) Having the ease and knowledge of knowing there is a team that can just slip into place and cope with the extra demand is very comforting. We also know the standards of work will always be exceptional with an amazing team always on hand to answer any questions about best practices. Instead of just adding a quick fix, we’ve been able to get a long-term plan in.

Fiona Abrams, Head of Customer Experience at Modern Milkman

FM Outsource are pleased to say that the handover was a success. We’re looking to the future and are excited to be working with such a modern and innovative brand.