Gary Lloyd

Head of Operations

Gary is our talented and dedicated Head of Operations – overseeing how we deliver greater efficiencies to our clients and continue to perform to the highest standard possible. With over 20 years of experience in sales and service roles, Gary has a passion for excellence and a proven track record in improving performance and gross margins, as well as unlocking staff engagement.

As you might expect, Gary’s expertise revolves around introducing new processes and onboarding staff to make those processes work. His insights on delivering new operations, managing transitions and minimising negative growth impacts are unparalleled.

Check out his latest insights and articles below to understand how you can adopt new strategies for your business.

Areas of leadership

  • Customer service process
  • Operational analysis
  • Staff and training

Fun fact

Gary is a proud dog-dad, and spends his spare time walking with his pup. He also doesn’t know how to drive; he had a few lessons as a young man and found it just wasn’t for him!

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