Daily Express feature: FM’s CCO on long wait times

The Daily Express recently launched an investigation into the call-handling of organisations in the public and private sectors to record exactly how much callers’ time was being wasted. The aim was to understand the frustration and delay faced by millions of customers who are put on hold for long periods of time.

As part of their investigation, they approached various industry experts for their opinions including our Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Brown. We are delighted that Martin’s expertise and insights were recognised by such a prominent publication for their front page feature.

I was really pleased to be approached by the Daily Express for my thoughts on their latest investigation into current call-handling issues across the UK. Long wait times are a problem we see again and again in customer care, but it’s now more than ever that customers want to talk to real people. And they don’t want to wait 30 minutes to do it, or battle an underdeveloped bot that’s just talking in circles. It is critical that businesses focus on reducing their call-handling time in order to provide top-quality customer care.

Martin Brown, CCO at FM Outsource

The full article can be read online over on the Daily Express’ website.