What is Customer Service Outsourcing?

It’s expert customer service consultants giving you a helping hand with our teams of customer care advisors. We can pick up queries when you’re closed, fill in the gaps during busy times, or be a one-stop shop for your entire operation.

What is Customer Service Outsourcing?

If someone needs to contact your business, we can answer for you

What is Customer Service Outsourcing? It’s simply a customer care team that works alongside your in-house one. We provide fully trained advisors and contact centre managers to cover your busy times or answer customers when you can’t.

We’re 24/7, omnichannel, and exceptionally flexible. From the smallest companies to the largest, our teams are on hand to help.

We’re not here to replace your customer service; we’re here to enhance it

More than customer service; we’re the whole package

At FM, we do more than just customer care. We have a range of services for all businesses:

Outsourcing customer service pros and cons


Flexible, 24/7 teams

With an outsourcer, you gain access to hours and days you couldn’t overwise cover without having to hire and train more staff. And outsourcers are flexible. With FM, you can just pay for a small set of hours a month or even pay for some burst resource to cover peak times or emergencies.

24/7 Customer Service Outsourcing
customer Service Outsourcing technology

The best tech for a fraction of the price

We are customer care experts and that means using the best technology too. At FM, we developed our own customer communication platform at our sister company, Gnatta., meaning it’s specially optimised for your advisors’ needs. Our Lite and Essential tier teams use Gnatta at no extra cost. For dedicated, you can either use the software you know and love or switch to Gnatta.

Improved productivity

An excellent outsourced contact centre can usually achieve a higher productivity rate than in-house customer care. How? We have the luxury of the best technology, tired-and-tested processes, and a wealth of experience. And customer care is our sole focus, meaning our staff can go above and beyond to provide the best possible customer experience, every time.

boost productivity with Customer Service Outsourcing
recruit with Customer Service Outsourcing

Recruitment handled for you

At FM, we’ll handle the entire recruitment and training process for you, taking that weight off your shoulders. Our digital recruitment and training systems allow us to recruit the best advisors across the country.

All that for lower costs!

It’s true: outsourced customer care is actually cheaper than in-house. And you don’t have to offshore to save money. Our simple pricing is designed to cut costs by improving productivity, no matter the size of your business.

low costs for Customer Service Outsourcing


Less control

There’s no doubt that loss of control is one of the most common complaints when it comes to outsourced customer service. That’s why we created our scorecard system: an online portal that allows you to see how your team is doing at a glance. Check your productivity in real time. Drill down into individual advisors that may need help. Keep abreast of advisor knowledge. It’s all there at your fingertips, whenever you need it.


Language barriers

If you’re considering offshoring, language can often be a barrier. And even when it’s not, accents and dialects make it difficult for customers and advisors to understand one another. At FM, we’re entirely UK-based and our multilingual teams are ready to serve.

Lack of brand knowledge

This is a big one. Why would an advisor ever care about your brand if they’re not part of it? That’s why we strive to create a strong connection between us and you. From branding part of our offices, to appointing brand ambassadors, to giving our advisors experience days to get to know what you do, our people are your people.


Poor training

You may think “no one can train our staff like we can”, and you’d be right! That’s why, at FM, our training process is informed by you. Our clients regularly visit our offices and vice versa so our advisors can get to know their brand intimately. And our Quality Assessment includes a weekly product knowledge quiz so we can keep our advisors on top form for your customers.

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