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Hire our expert customer service consultancy teams as an external resource to your in-house team. We'll provide strategic guidance on the running of your customer service team, allowing you adopt new process, deliver better service and ultimately save money. Often our customer service consultancy service is brought in to address transformative issues in your organisation. For example, this could be  channel mixing; allocating the proportion of webchat, social, telephony and email within your customer service team, or use of technology and forecasting models. Our world-class customer service consultancy is rarely sold as a standalone service, however, we make it our mission to work with you to determine the right service level for your business. We bring experience and knowledge into your executive team allowing them to learn and grow through close proximity to an established customer service outsourcing team

Benefit from decades of experience in customer service consultancy

Customer service consultancy experts

If you’d prefer to hold on to your existing team rather than reinvesting in customer service, our senior management team is on hand to give your operation a boost with detailed customer service consultancy. They’ll share advice shaped by years of experience in the industry and their work developing one of the most innovative customer service platforms on the market.  Our ‘no win, no fee’ approach means there’s no risk to your business by bringing our customer service consultancy experience on board – we only charge a percentage on profit or savings!  Interested? Book a FREE customer service consultation with us today.

How does customer service consultancy work?

Customer service consultancy doesn’t come in just one package – it’s a culmination of many services and advice streams, all bundled into one! The first step of customer service consultancy is to audit your existing customer service team. Specifically, we’ll look at the overall approach, key performance metrics, channel coverage, customer sentiment, use of technology, overall contact centre costs, budget and strategic goals. And that’s just the start!  Our customer service consultants will then deliver back a plan to help move things towards your desired business goal. That could simply be happier customers or lower costs – or both. Whatever your aim, we will help you reach it with detailed, proven advice and direction. The goal of our customer service consultancy strategy is to improve the overall efficiency of your team – by reducing costs and improving customer sentiment. We exist to help protect your business’ growth by ensuring a contact centre is the best it can be, which leads to less expenditure and fewer overheads.

Check out our bespoke customer service consultancy options:

Service channels

Over 59% of customers go to social media or webchat first for customer service. We can help you move from a telephone number and an email contact form to channels your customers prefer, by redesigning your contact page and finding the right communication software.

Consultancy service channels
Customer service consultancy comms channels

Contact page layout

A logical, easy to use contact page is essential to a great customer experience. Our customer service consultancy team can design (and help you to implement) a page that includes all the elements a customer needs to find their own solution, keeping their contact avenues within easy reach when they need you.


We’ve led automation projects for brands like ASOS, Missguided, and Superdrug. We can show you how to use workflows to make your team work smarter, and more efficiently. Use our experience with chatbots to build one that reduces the strain on your team. 

Customer Service Automation
Customer service consultancy technology


The foundation of an efficient customer care team is the technology they use. Our customer service consultants find the best service platform to meet your goals and manage the transition if you’re moving to a new solution.

Competitor analysis

Find out how your operation stacks up against your competition. We can track your brand reputation against your top competitors and help your customer service team to come out on top by identifying gaps in the industry.

Competitor Analysis
Revamp your reporting

Revamp Your Reporting

Your team is only as successful as you can prove it to be. Customer service consultancy helps you build a reporting structure that covers all the operational data you need to understand your team’s performance, including implementing any new software. 

The FM Outsource process

Regardless of which option – or combination of options – you choose, customer service consultancy from FM Outsource can be delivered in a few simple steps.  However, there are multiple elements when it comes to implementing the results of our customer service consultancy programme. This usually depends on the outcome of the strategy meeting, such as understanding what’s important to your business, as well as understanding your goals. We contextualise everything with what we understand about how to run an efficient, high-quality contact centre – so we can meet you in the middle!

Strategy Meeting

Strategy Meeting



Action Plan

Action Plan





The benefits of customer service consultancy

The benefits of customer service consultancy

Customer service consultancy has many benefits, with the primary one being that it prevents wasted resources on solutions that already exist! If you don’t bring in external help you could spend time reinventing the wheel. For example, there's no need to devise a contact volume forecasting model from scratch - the hard work has already been done! Or you need to write a training pack for new starters? We've already templated that, tried it and tested it. These essential resources are earned through years of experience, and you can only get that from a truly dedicated consultant. When it comes to improving your customer service offering, experience is always worth investing in.

The FM Outsource difference

At FM Outsource we deliver customer service consultancy as part and parcel of our core customer service offering. We can’t help it! We have big opinions on the industry, and how to do customer service right.  We firmly believe that our fate is tied to our customers’ – and as an invested party, we can’t help but share what we think needs to be done to reduce cost, make customers happier, and protect growth. Our opinions are included in every report, every business review, every conversation we have. Free of charge!  As a standalone service, we’ll send someone to sit in with your people (where permitted), get into the details and support your existing team through the change process, ensuring that effectiveness and efficiency is maintained throughout.

fm outsource difference

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