Reduce your customer service costs without compromising on quality.

At FM Outsource we like to work as a seamless extension of your business. The way we see it, each of our partners’ successes are tied directly to our own, which is why it’s in our interest to save you as much money as possible. From your first consultation, we’ll advise you on how to best reduce your customer service overheads and make maximum savings while never compromising on quality.

money's worth

Getting your money’s worth.

So that our partners maximise their investment with us, we dedicate significant time and resources to recruitment.

After all, a team that is highly skilled, dedicated and well equipped with the latest technology is capable of producing a greater output. As a result, our partners get the best possible return on their investment.

FM Outsource’s rigorous recruitment process means we’re able to achieve 17 contacts per hour, a much higher productivity rate than the industry average of just 12 contacts per hour.

Our service is more cost-effective than a full-time employee.

We only make you pay an hourly rate for productive hours. This means when you take into account the internal and external shrinkage costs associated with onboarding a new employee, our offering is better value for money.

Unlike a new starter, our customer service teams do not require annual supporting costs for training. They also contact more customers per hour when compared with the average operative.

Our service produces more annual savings than offshoring.

Offshoring customer service may appear to be more affordable at first glance. But the costs your business will incur as a result of staff turnover, poor efficiency rates, and customer dissatisfaction will quickly add up.

Language barriers, lack of brand knowledge and operational disruption are commonplace in offshoring. The difference in quality means you’ll save more money with FM Outsource in the long run.

Outsource your customer service and you can…

  • Fast-track your digital transformation strategy.
  • Provide an omnichannel customer experience.
  • Offer 24/7 customer service, even when you’re offline.
  • Enhance brand perception and customer loyalty.
  • Handle increased demand without impacting your service.
  • Create customer service efficiencies.

Experts in the entire customer journey.



To successfully transform your call centre into an omnichannel contact centre, advisors must be versatile and quick to adapt to new channels.

At FM Outsource, our highly skilled customer service agents are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure they are well equipped to handle any enquiry, no matter the channel.


Having a robust omnichannel strategy in place is key to setting your business up for success.

Our tailored strategies address all aspects of the omnichannel customer care model and ensure our processes align with your internal teams. So, your customers will always get the best experience.


With sophisticated contact management software, you can ensure your customer service teams have the tools they need to best serve your customers.

We can provide you with the right technology, enabling you to save time, money and resources – all whilst delivering outstanding customer service.

Save money with customer service outsourcing.

In a world of tighter budgets and multiple options, it can be difficult to know exactly where best to spend your money. In our cost analysis, we break down how much an insourced agent actually costs you and, more importantly, how much you’ll save by outsourcing.

And our entirely UK-based teams can actually help improve your customer experience at the same time. So we’ve included some client case studies showing you how we achieve this.

Insourcing vs outsourcing cost analysis download

Experienced consultants in any sector.

Our experts are adept at creating efficient, effective customer service strategies across a range of industries. So, no matter who you are or how you service your customers, we can help you build more streamlined customer care processes.

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