Reach your customers on every channel at any time with omnichannel customer care.

For today’s time-poor customers, calling for customer service is a thing of the past. Instead, they’re looking to get the answers to their questions wherever they may be, whether that’s through social media, WhatsApp, or your website. With FM Outsource’s omnichannel customer service, you can engage with your customers and solve their issues however they contact you.

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Phone calls are 5 times more expensive than webchat interactions.

That’s because your customer service team needs to put in more time and resources for telephony than any other communication channel.

By transforming your traditional call centre into a full-service contact centre, you can serve multiple customers at a time – maximising your internal resources without the added operational cost.

Where call centre agents could only assist customers over the phone, contact centre teams are equally skilled in delivering excellent service via telephony, webchat, email, social media, and even new and upcoming channels.

We recommend innovative contact management software for every channel.

With the right software, your teams get a single view of the customer conversation, no matter how many channels they use to contact you or how many times they’ve sent the same query. This empowers your agents to get issues solved at the first point of contact.

And if you already have existing software, we can work with this too! We build flexibility into our processes, so no matter what tech you use, we can maximise results.

We offer bespoke omnichannel strategies that align with your operational goals.

We will build you a tailored solution that supports your business in the areas you need without charging you for unnecessary extras. We’ll bring the people, processes, and tech needed to help you drive revenue and growth.

With nearly a decade of experience managing omnichannel customer care, we’re experts at implementing customer service strategies to help you save money and deliver the premium service your customers deserve.

Outsource your customer service and you can…

  • Provide an omnichannel customer experience.
  • Create a single customer view for a streamlined experience.
  • Deliver customer service 24/7, even when you’re offline.
  • Reduce duplicated contacts, making customers feel cared for.
  • Resolve your customers’ issues faster and more effectively.
  • Lower costs and maximise resources.

Experts in the entire customer journey.



To successfully transform your call centre into an omnichannel contact centre, advisors must be versatile and quick to adapt to new channels.

At FM Outsource, our highly skilled customer service agents are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure they are well equipped to handle any enquiry, no matter the channel.


Having a robust omnichannel strategy in place is key to setting your business up for success.

Our tailored strategies address all aspects of the omnichannel customer care model and ensure our processes align with your internal teams. So, your customers will always get the best experience.


With sophisticated contact management software, you can ensure your customer service teams have the tools they need to best serve your customers.

We can provide you with the right technology, enabling you to save time, money and resources – all whilst delivering outstanding customer service.

Improving brand reputation for our clients.

FM Outsource does more than provide customer care; we always push that extra mile.

Our client – a household name in the health and beauty sector – reached out to FM Outsource to digitally transform their customer service offering. Within 10 months, we had improved their review score to 4 out of 5 stars. And, in 2021, they were independently ranked as one of the most trusted brands in the world alongside fashion giant Dior.

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Experienced consultants in any sector.

Our experts are adept at creating efficient, effective customer service strategies across a range of industries. So, no matter who you are or how you service your customers, we can help you build more streamlined customer care processes.

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