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Automation Robot

Efficiency Through Technology

Efficiency Via Technology

There are two essential parts to fantastic customer service – a great team, and great technology. Technology pushes the boundaries of what an operational team can achieve. We help clients streamline their processes to create more time in their operators’ days, manage transitions to better customer service software, and provide AI solutions that improve customer experience.

Customer Service Bots

We’ve created bots for some of the biggest online fashion retailers in the UK. Use automated messages to do the data gathering, and reduce strain on operators. We can use our experience to create a bot to assist your team, or to help you build your own.

Customer Service Chatbot

Automated Workflows

We’re experts in routing customers to the best operator for their question. We develop granular routing logic that prioritises your customer’s messages with triggers from their history with you, and the channel they use.



Prioritise interactions based on how long ago a message was sent, or after an order milestone has passed.



Filter conversations based on how much information the customer provides.



Route a contact to the right department without increasing their effort.


We connect your customer service tech to the rest of the software your team uses. Be it a CRM, order management software, or warehouse management software, we’ll enable them all to talk to each other. Empower operators with this data for a better customer experience.

CS Tech Integrations

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