Unlimited Data And Visibility On Your Operation

Your operation belongs to you, and so does the data. We’ll provide real-time data dashboards, historical reporting and volume forecasts.
Customer Service

Mission Control

Your customer experience is important, and entrusting it to an external supplier is no easy decision. That’s why we believe in sharing 100% visibility over your team and customers. We don't just provide accurate and insightful reporting, but real-time data that you can access any time. You can see your operation as it is in the moment, and we can react to changes as they happen.

real-time dashboard graphs
predicting customer volume


Forecasting contact volumes is crucial for a well-resourced operation, but it’s no easy task. Our data analysts put together comprehensive volume forecasts using your data and trends to make sure there are always enough operators available. Then we’ll check our accuracy, recalibrate, and optimise our estimations to make sure we adapt as your business grows.

Historical Reporting

Historical reporting is only useful if you can pull out insights and react in a way that supports your business objectives. We’ll go out of our way to not just share the data, but interpret it and draw out action points to make sure we’re always improving.

Customer service insight report



Contacts-per-hour, average-handle-time, response times and cross-channel variances – it’s all counted.



Real-time volumes on all channels, mapped against query types, forecasts and historical data to spot trends.



Customer satisfaction, net promoter score, review ratings and more – we’ll help you understand your customers better.

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We provide bespoke reporting for every client, focusing on the metrics and areas that are most important to them. Want to see what a typical report looks like? Click the button below to view one - no details required.