The Core Product

From 5,000 to 500,000 contacts per month - we create flexible customer service teams.
Enterprise Customer Service

Retail Customer Service

We don’t just supply a contact centre with bums on seats - the trick to success is sharing our knowledge in transformation too. We actively optimise your operation by sharing expertise from our work with other retailers. We’ll help you to achieve a better balance between cost and high quality customer experiences.

Industry Experts and Consultancy
low customer service costs

Simpler Pricing

Pay for an outsource customer service team on a cost-per-contact basis. That means we absorb the responsibility for operational efficiency, because we're not charging by the number of people on your team. We roll up shrinkage, management, reporting and everything else in your cost-per-contact rate. It’s simple, flexible pricing where you only pay for what you use.


Forecasting peaks and troughs in contact volumes is a major challenge for growing retailers. Our data analysts use our homegrown forecasting formula, optimised for retail. We'll feed in your historical data and make accurate predictions on future volumes, which means getting the right number of operators online is never a problem.

Stable, secure service


We know how important your brand reputation is, and giving customers the best possible experience is crucial in protecting it. That's why our solution is different - we put quality first. We train, incentivise and monitor operators with quality in mind.



Workshops, 1-2-1 coaching, pit stops, continuous feedback, weekly quizzes and more to make sure operators have everything they need.



We make sure operators have every reason to put the customer first - achieving a bonus is weighted by 50% on achieving high quality scores.



With continuous quality scoring on the individual level, and active monitoring of customer feedback, we always know when an operator needs retraining.

24/7, multi-language, multichannel


Customers expect you to be more available than ever - in their language, at any time, on any channel. A 24/7 and multilingual service is part of our core product with no premiums, which means launching an international brand is simple. We offer multiple languages out of the box, including English, Spanish, French and German.

Team Extension

We can supply burst resource in peak times, or help you cover those difficult to resource night-time shifts by working alongside your current team. We don’t just have to pick up the entire operation, we can be your partner on specific channels, languages, hours and query types.

Full or partial coverage

Our Track Record

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