Flexible customer service processes.

Great processes are the foundations upon which great customer service is built. At FM Outsource, we work tirelessly with our agents and clients to create an ironclad process that guarantees results, taking the stress out of customer service.

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Strategy and planning that works.

We have a tried-and-tested approach to customer service. Over decades of experience, we’ve developed finely-tuned processes that maximise output for our clients, leading to a better, more cost-effective service. And we work closely with your internal teams and stakeholders to develop strategies that deliver, putting you in control of every step. From leadership and training to consultancy, flexibility, and reporting, we have mapped out every step of your customer service journey. So when you choose FM Outsource, you know you are dealing with the experts.


Leadership you can trust.

At FM Outsource, we have a diverse leadership team of customer service experts and consultants. They serve a dual purpose when working with your business.

Not only do they excel in strategising your customer service approach – from recommending new channels to increasing efficiencies across your organisation – they also take an active role in training customer service agents that will work on your brand. This leadership creates the foundation of great customer service, ensuring that we can support you in achieving your business goals.


Flexibility, even at scale.

As experts in outsourced customer service, we know that agility and flexibility are fundamental parts of the job.

That’s why we work with you to face challenges head-on and determine an effective strategy for dealing with issues. Whether that’s expanding our hours to cover more nights and weekends or moving internal resources between channels to ensure every request is dealt with, we put processes in place to guarantee you are never caught short-handed, with cover for emergencies and unexpected peaks accounted for.


Reporting made simple.

Your customer experience is important, and entrusting it to an external supplier is no easy decision. That’s why we believe in sharing 100% visibility regarding your team and customers. We don’t just provide accurate and insightful reporting, but real-time data that you can access at any time.

Through our in-built reporting processes, you can see your operation as it is in the moment, and we can react to changes as they happen. By being proactive with data, we can implement positive changes before there’s ever an issue!

Our people are your people.

We understand that the core of outsourced customer service is about relationships and building connections with people. We invest heavily in our agents – both time and capital – to ensure they are the best in the business. Our experts train each individual agent to represent your brand, adopting best practices and tone of voice to guarantee that when we speak to your customers, it’s as genuine as possible.

We’re technology-led.

Our customer service agents are fluent in the latest technology to ensure maximum integration into your business. But if you have a traditional customer service setup, we have the tools and expertise to elevate your service and deliver the choice your customers expect; from the introduction of new channels (such as Facebook Messenger or live chat) to a top-down analysis to your customer service funnel.

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