Pricing Breakdown

Our Lite tier is specifically designed with small businesses in mind. Our simple subscription model includes tiers that you can move up and down depending on your business needs. And, on a rolling monthly contract, you’ve no need to lock yourself into anything you’re not going to use.

All Tiers include:

All Channels, 24/7

We’ll cover all channels, 24/7, no matter which tier you’re on. You’ll never miss a chance to help your customers.

Free Support

Our teams are here to support you with any issues, or any questions you may have.

Free Training

We’ll handle all the recruitment and training of your team. We’ll get to know your business to make sure training is bespoke to your needs.


Free basic insight package available at any level for first 3 months – this reporting includes channel and time of contact.

Pricing Tiers

Tiers are priced per hour you require. We’ve made it cheaper to go up a tier when you need to expand so you never feel like you’re having to pay for more than you’re getting. If you think you’ll need more than 24 hours a month, we highly recommend moving up to our Essential tier.

Pricing Tiers

*Half price for the first three months. Only applicable to Lite Tieand new customers.

What if I go over the hours I’ve paid for?

If you go over the hours you’ve pre-paid for, we’ll charge you a standard fee per extra minute used, based on the tier you’re on. That’s why we’ll always chat to you about your needs and help you decide which tier is right for you and your business.

Hours Included






Cost Per Extra Minute