Meet our customer service advisors.

Our people matter to us. We only hire the best professionals to fit our growing teams so you never miss out on quality.

Our extensive training means they’ll be some of your biggest brand advocates, and they’ll consider themselves as much a part of your company as ours. Our people are your people.

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Your expert customer service team.

If you’re looking for a customer service outsourcing partner, the likelihood is that you have a people problem. Whether it’s not having enough agents to cover peak periods, budget restrictions on developing new teams, lack of multilingual customer support, or a perceived lack of quality, we have the solutions you need to get customer service right.

With FM Outsource, you get a customer service team that is built for your business. Our consultants work with you to identify issues and implement staff so they can make the most impact. Each of our agents is hand-selected based on their aptitude, and are given extensive training to ensure they can help your customers, no matter the channel or query.

Kirsty Young, Operations Manager

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FM Outsource have been a fantastic support for our business as we’ve progressed and grown over the last 2 years. As a small company launching our first product, the flexible pricing and resources were vital for us as we grew month on month. Our customer support team have been invaluable, and we look forward to working with them and the wider FM Outsource team going forward.


We only recruit the best.

We source customer service talent from across the country, ensuring a broad selection of agents for any client. To guarantee the professionalism and quality we expect, individuals undergo a rigorous application process. Only the top candidates are accepted into our teams, so we can deliver on our service promise.

We also recruit for highly specialised positions, including multilingual customer service agents with native-level language skills – so no matter where your customers are based, we can communicate with them.


We provide all training.

At FM Outsource, we pride ourselves on our world-class training programme. We develop our people into fully-fledged customer service agents – comfortable on any channel and within any software environment. Whether it’s retail, logistics, or any other industry, we invest the time and money to ensure each agent is trained to the FM Outsource standard.

And before working with a client, each agent is given brand training, so your customers will never know the difference between your internal team and your external one.


The best possible service.

As your customer service outsourcing partner, we are committed to providing the best service possible. We support our teams throughout their tenure to maximise results and offer a high-quality, cost-efficient experience for your brand.

Each team is managed by an in-house customer service expert to ensure that all service delivery agreements are met, liaising with your internal customer experience leaders to define and implement the most effective strategies.

Streamline your processes.

Our experts take pains to ensure that every part of your customer service journey is accounted for, so quality service doesn’t stop after the first contact. With experienced customer service consultants, we can help you create a more streamlined experience, spotting issues in your channel flow and building more robust customer service practices for the future.

We’re technology-led.

Our customer service agents are fluent in the latest technology to ensure maximum integration into your business. But if you have a traditional customer service setup, we have the tools and expertise to elevate your service and deliver the choice your customers expect; from the introduction of new channels to a top-down analysis to your customer service funnel.

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