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How We Increased Engagement and Productivity with Workplace by Facebook

Adopting the platform has reduced absences, and boosted revenue. Find out how.

November 9th, 2017


Lee Talbot

Sustaining a high morale within your company means a much happier and, inevitably, a much more productive team. But due to rapid growth over the last 5 years, our employees' engagement with the company - and with each other - was falling. With the introduction of Workplace by Facebook, we improved our engagement and productivity, and saw the results immediately.

Why We Moved to Workplace by Facebook

Company Expansion

Our team had grown quickly from 15 people to around 350, with colleagues based in Dubai, the UK, and the USA. Because of this, people felt disconnected; they were no longer being themselves and had gone into their shells. We needed a massive push to optimise our communications and to boost productivity.

Email reliance and low engagement

Our General Manager realised he was receiving a ridiculous amount of emails – so he started an experiment.

He counted the number of emails he received over the course of an hour (225). That’s an average of an email every 16 seconds, meaning he'd receive over 2 million emails a year.

Email is well known as an impersonal communication method, and our reliance on it was compounding our engagement problem. 

Workplace improves productivity Workplace improves productivity

We needed a solution that would cut our internal email volume and boost engagement.

We wanted to get all our colleagues using one communication platform, hopefully eradicating all other pieces of software in the process. Our IT developers were using Slack, our various CC teams were using Skype, and inter-department communication was too dependent on email. We did our research and started a few trials, but nothing grabbed us and screamed ‘this is the one’, until a client whispered ‘Facebook: Workplace’.

Getting Started

Signing up; immediate results

Signing up was really easy. Colleagues were invited and, seconds later (and we mean seconds later) we were chatting, posting, tagging, GIFing, voice calling and video calling. We were preparing Workplace groups (standalone pages created for a department, project, or event, to increase engagement) to reduce emails. We had groups for hourly reports, for baby showers, weddings, and what was for lunch in the canteen that day.

Rather than email, we were working with - and talking to - each other in a post or via a quick message. With thanks to Workplace, we can now put a face to the names we're speaking to.  We can also see with OrgChart (a hierarchy feature added by Workplace) which department a person is in, who their manager is, and what their job role is - all without a formal introduction.

Engagement soared, we were receiving positive feedback almost immediately. Notably, our operators told us that they loved it; it's similarity to regular Facebook made it really easy to use.

We knew this was going to be a game-changer.

Workplace boosted engagement by 70% Workplace boosted engagement by 70%

How Workplace Improved our Business Processes


The HR department now has a more detailed view of attendance and absence. Because we record all absences in one place, we can now spot trends with reasons, times and - most importantly - with people too. We've noticed that absences have dropped by 25% since we started using Workplace.

The department are now able to send out bulletins for upcoming roles, easily feedback any HR updates or memos to every member of the business, and monitor staff satisfaction. They can also receive any ideas for improving the business, with the help of a customised 'Ideas Bot'; a colleague can either attach their name to a suggestion or submit it anonymously.

Training and Development

Training colleagues has never been easier. We now have one updated local area for each client; all colleagues can see the latest training material as well as news bulletins direct from the client.

The updated local area on Workplace, or the 'Knowledgebase' (an online encyclopaedia of a client’s business processes), is also searchable, allowing operators to find information quickly. 

workplace groups make training easy workplace groups make training easy

Every knowledgebase group enables operators to proactively search for information, as well as notifying them when supervisors post process updates.

Testing the client knowledge of our colleagues is also much easier now. We ensure our customer service teams are up-to-date on our clients' business processes with a weekly knowledgebase quiz. This can be shared via a link, with a push notification to let everyone in the company know that the quiz is 'live'. Before Workplace, a colleague would have to check their emails, download an attachment, fill this in, upload it back to an email, then send it back - a nightmare if you’re marking all of the quizzes that week!


We've had a massive surge in productivity too. Our General Manager has 30% more of his day available now that he isn't answering such a large volume of emails. As Workplace isn't as formal as an email, colleagues don't feel like they have to check every single notification straight away. And yet, 90% of colleagues have downloaded the app on smartphones so they can always be on top of work. We find ourselves on a train without WiFi? No problem; we have WorkChat. We’re still all in the know, all thanks to Workplace. 

Cost-Saving and Re-Investing

We have been able to estimate our cost savings at over £300,000 per annum all due to moving to Workplace. Their monthly running costs are lower than competitors, we've been able to cut out unnecessary software, and increase our productivity. We can now reinvest more money in to educational programmes and more rewards; this, in hand, will lead to a much happier workforce.  

We've brought everyone together again, whether that's everyone joining in on a horse and carriage ride through the middle of Paris, 200+ colleagues watching a wedding in Barcelona, or a colleague sharing her baby shower. We were all there to share these special moments. Approximately 20% of employees were engaged with our brand in February 2017, fast forward to 6 months of using Workplace, and we are now looking at over 90% interacting with each other and the company.

FM Outsource Workplace Webinar FM Outsource Workplace Webinar

And we were lucky enough to be invited to meet the Workplace guys at Facebook HQ London, where we recorded a webinar. This will be going live on Thursday 16th November at 10am, and if you'd like to listen you can sign up now.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Workplace on their homepage, or, if you're looking for more information, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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