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The Value of Customer Satisfaction
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Emma Martins

Maximising your customer experience can cut costs and increase sales. Our download shows you why the way customers view your brand matters and how to improve brand sentiment.

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Find out how much you can save on your current customer service costs.

20th Apr 2021
Webchat Migration

Traditional channels like telephony tend to be less efficient than newer channels like webchat. Our free case study shows you how you could save more than £400,000 a year by switching, and it includes advice on how to get started.

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2nd Mar 2021
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: A Cost Analysis

Can offshoring save you money? Sure. But will it save you the most money and still improve your customer care? No. Our free cost analysis breaks down how and why.

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1st Mar 2021
Re-examining Retail: What do consumers expect in 2021?

It’s no secret that 2020 hit the retail sector hard. But what lasting impact has been made to how retailers provide customer service, and have consumer expectations changed after 12 months indoors? Download our latest in-depth report to see what the data says.

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24th Aug 2020
Cost Analysis: Insourcing vs Outsourcing

Ever compared the true cost of managing your customer care team inhouse, vs outsourcing to a customer care provider? We've got a worked example to share that shows exactly how and why it's cheaper to outsource - without cutting quality. Curious?

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26th Sep 2018
Guide: Getting Started With Customer Service

We're sharing our insights and experience as customer service providers for major retails and logistics clients to help your in-house team make educated decisions about channel, hours, tech and measurement.

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26th Sep 2018
White Paper: Webchat Optimisation Strategies

Webchat needs to be your priority customer service channel. Growth in ecommerce has produced a surge in online customer service demands which webchat is uniquely placed to meet in a fast, effective, cost efficient way.

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26th Sep 2018
Guide: Tackling Burst Contact Volumes

Every year, retailers and customer service teams come under immense pressure to react quickly to fluctuating customer contact volumes - in this brief guide, we're covering 5 key strategies that work for us, every time. Find out what your customer service team can do react faster to fluctuating customer service volumes this peak season.

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