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Video Guide: How To Automate Shift Monitoring with Workplace

Tracking attendance can become a nightmare as your team scales - find out how to automation can save you that headache.

June 5th, 2019


Daniel Foster


Hi, I'm Daniel Foster, Head of Customer Care here at FM Outsource. We're a contact centre using Workplace by Facebook to enhance the way we work. One of the recent enhancements we've made is integrating our rota software with our communication platform, Gnatta, to tell us when people aren't online when they should be.


The problem that we were facing was our supervisors were having to check people were online at the top of every hour. During our peak season that was taking 15 to 20 minutes each hour. Given that we're a 24/7 operation that adds up to 6 hours a day. Given how much time it was taking we found that human error was becoming a factor and latenesses were actually being missed.

So, given Workplace's friendliness towards bots and automation, we thought taht we'd have a look and see if we could use Workplace to us solve this problem.


So, we created an application that used status change messages from Gnatta to push notification into Workplace. The statuses in Gnatta are great - they're really dynamic and they can be whatever you want them to be. For example, we use 'comfort break' and 'scheduled break' as well as 'online' and online' statuses to really drill down into what an operator is doing at any one time.

The app then compares the status with our rota software and if it doesn't match, it will push a notification into a secret group in Workplace.


So, the wins for us here are the levels of absenteeism and lateness have decreased. The supervisors get to spend more time with the operators helping them and talking to them rather than constantly checking they're online. The real-time reporting notifications allow us to do that.

We are really excited about the other opportunities and possibilities for enhancements within Workplace.


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