Re-examining Retail: What do consumers expect in 2021?

It’s no secret that 2020 hit the retail sector hard. But what lasting impact has been made to how retailers provide customer service, and have consumer expectations changed after 12 months indoors? Download our latest in-depth report to see what the data says.

Insights to Help You Tackle Ecommerce

With the landscape of retail changing so much in 2020, we were curious to examine the effect on the consumer and the customer experience in more detail.

We wanted to see how a year of online shopping has impacted the way in which customers shop, and the way they feel toward e-commerce.  As such, our 2021 insights are designed to help retailers to understand the needs of their customers and deliver a better experience online.

Talking to Real People

We couldn’t hope to really understand the challenges facing the retail sector in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic without speaking to real people impacted by the changing environment.
So we surveyed 300 consumers across the UK. They were questioned on their use of online retailers during the past year, as well as their general attitude toward online customer service


Here for the Data? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’d rather go straight to the heart of the survey data, it's all here in our easy to digest infographic. It has all the figures you need, but you’ll be missing out on all the in-depth analysis and insights from industry experts.

What Our Report Means for Retailers

When creating this report, we set out to get a true, unbiased view of the UK consumer market. We wanted a better understanding of how the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns have impacted their relationship with their favourite retailers. But we also wanted to see how the changes in customer service interactions (from face-to-face to digital) have shifted consumer opinions.

With this data, it is our hope that retailers and customer service providers will be able to react quicker to the needs of customers. By understanding their expectations and shifting habits, the industry can more easily adapt their customer service offering to negate the challenges we’ve been left with due to COVID-19.

Interested? Make sure you download the full report to get the complete picture.