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A Video Guide to Quality Customer Service

Build a team your customers love with our easy-to-use tips.

March 5th, 2019


Becca Le Blond


Hi guys, I'm here today to talk about quality in customer service and why it's so important for you and your brand. Now, this is because it drives retention and loyalty from your customers and they will, in turn, generate more revenue for you.

This means that quality customer service pays for itself in the long run.

So, how do you ensure that you've got a team that delivers high quality customer service? It all starts at recruitment and training and then carries on with internal and external quality measures like customer satisfaction and review scores.

Why both? Well that internal measure just works as a double confirmation that the advisor is giving accurate advice to the customer and isn't just giving them what they think their customer wants to hear to get a high score.


At the recruitment stage, the best way to ensure quality is to give every applicant a spelling and grammar test and a typing speed test. Now, that's because (particularly with online customer service) their spelling and grammar is going to be the first impression that they make with the customer so it's really important that they get that nailed on.


When it comes to training - once they're successful - that's when it becomes more about the product side of things, the types of queries that they're likely to be handling and then letting them know which rules have a bit more flexibility in them so where they know that they can follow processes slightly differently to keep a customer on side.

They'll be ready to be signed out of training once they're hitting the same metrics you'd expect from any member of the team. A customer doesn't know whether they've been working with you for 3 months or 2 years, there's no real reason for you to be differentiating between them either.


Once they're out of training maintaining that quality is a case of, on the product knowledge side, using things like weekly quizzes to make sure that they're keeping up with any process changes. Pit stops or 1-to-1s are an option for any advisors where you've identified a knowledge gap. They would be a case of a member of the Training or Learning & Development Team taking some time with that specific advisor just to help bring them back up to speed.

A really effective thing to use also is refresher training. Every 6 months, giving all advisors a recap of what the processes are and the product specs.

Outside of the product stuff, that's when you start looking at the more internal factors like the tone of voice that they use, the level of personalisation in their messages, and the accuracy of the advice given.

Now, you can assess that all within a scorecard which will also assess the necessary stuff like DPA and the GDPR, and then things that you may be measuring like first contact resolution. That scorecard will then give them an overall quality score and you can then incentivise quality by giving bonuses depending on what their score is. It's just a really good way of getting a high quality team.


What resources do you need to make available to your advisors to help them provide quality service?

Well, the first thing that I'd advise is a knowledge base that they can use whilst on shift. This should be a searchable database of all the information that they need on your products, the processes for handling queries, and any contact details that they'll need to use whilst on-shift. It just makes it that much faster and easier for them to provide accurate advice to your customers.

The second thing that I'd advise is a tone of voice guide. Now, that just helps them stay on-brand when advising customers so they continue to sound like you.

The final thing that I'd suggest is a copy of the scorecard that you're using to assess their quality. It's really important that they know what it is that they need to do to be scoring high scores. If they know what they need to do, they're gonna do it.


So, that's it. Our quick guide to quality customer service. Obviously we've kept a few secrets up our sleeves, we do need to keep some. But tl;dr - high quality service equals more retained customers. Hard to argue with that.


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