Cost Analysis: Insourcing vs Outsourcing

Ever wondered why it's cheaper to outsource? Check out this cost analysis to find out.

Cheaper, UK-Based Customer Care

Have you ever compared the cost of running an inhouse team against an outsourced customer care provider? We've done all the maths in this detailed cost analysis, demonstrating exactly how and why it's cheaper to outsource.

insource vs outsource

What's the true cost of an employee?

The true cost of an employee on the National Minimum Wage can be as much as £31,639pa, if you factor in shrinkage, turnover and equipment.


Annual Salary: £20,247pa

Internal Shrinkage

Internal Shrinkage: £3,511pa

External Shrinkage

External Shrinkage: £2,754pa


Employee Turnover: £2,967pa


Equipment & Space: £2,160pa

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We're providing a detailed breakdown of insourcing costs compared to a competitive, UK-based customer care outsourcer.