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How To Improve Your Review Score

In this video we discuss the importance of reviews for your business

February 19th, 2020


Charlotte Flanagan


Hi, I’m Charlotte, and in today’s video we’re going to be discussing review management. Did you know that 92% of people read reviews before they make a purchasing decision, and 80% of people trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation? Now, this is why it’s essential for your business to manage and improve your reviews. Collecting reviews is quite possibly one of the easiest ways that you can grow your online presence.  

By collecting reviews, you can achieve your long-term goals of   improving your SEO, increasing conversions, and this will ultimately get you more sales. Now it’s not always easy to ask your customers to leave you reviews without bothering them. So, we’re going to explore what makes a good review, and the ways that you can ask for reviews.   


If a review starts out negative, you can engage with your customers to turn it around and end up with a positive review. The way you can do this is to reach out - often on private channels such as email - and request more information on why the customer left the bad review in the first place. Once you know why, you can set about fixing this and improving their customer experience. This makes them aware that, sometimes, things do go wrong, but you’re here to help.  

You can also reach out when you’ve got constructive criticism or feedback, to reviews like that, and ask them for a little more information, so that you can see where you can improve as a business.  It will highlight any pain points and you can get some honest feedback from your customers. Positive reviews though; they’re the best part. At FM, we love it when we get positive reviews, especially ones about our advisors and how good they've been - especially if they've gone above and beyond.  


By creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience, you’re making it easier for your customers to leave you reviews and, ultimately, this means that you’re more likely to get them.  

 Now, if you have an in-store presence, you can ask any customers there in the store to leave you reviews. Or, you can ask via SMS or emails for them to be left. Just remember to always include a clear and easy-to-follow call to action. And make sure that, if you’ve not received a review, that you send a follow up, maybe three or four days after the first original email or text. You can always include things like incentives [like] vouchers or discounts off your products and services.  

Now, if review management sounds a bit daunting to you, there are options such as outsourcing. There are many outsourcing solutions where people will manage your reviews on your behalf for you. Now, if you’d like to know more about review management, we’d love to hear from you.       


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