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Covid-19 Response

We're committed to helping our staff and clients through this difficult time.

March 17th, 2020


Rob Mead

We are in an unprecedented period for businesses across the world. From the 2008 stock market crash to consistently evolving environmental regulations, organisations have faced many difficulties over the last 15 years. However, this is the first time the solution has been based on abstinence from all human contact. For the first time in history, getting everyone in the room to work through a solution is not the answer.

As a call centre, we’ve always been proud of our office culture. We’ve invested heavily in our workspace and equipment, and regularly run events for everything from training through to team building. We believe it’s been a huge part of our success.

Now, though, that’s all changed.

Like every other business at this moment in time, FM Outsource must think of our staff wellbeing first, and this has meant encouraging every member to work from home. So, instead of rows of advisors helping customers with travel enquiries, tracking deliveries, and more, we’ve got an entire room of empty desks. Across telephone operators, social media teams, and back-room staff, we’ve picked up the entire business and moved it to innumerable houses, flats, and even a farm building.

Of course, moving entire teams means we need to be at the top of our game when it comes to security, communication, and support. This wouldn’t be possible without the cloud technology that allows our advisors to work remotely, such as Gnatta, or the hard work of our security teams making sure our software and connections remain completely safe and uncompromised. Working remotely is a skill set we’ve invested in as a business. Although, we have to be honest; we didn’t predict a situation like this.

However, we know we’re one of the lucky ones. There are organisations across Britain, Europe, and the world which will be struggling to enact the working environment changes that the current situation is beginning to call for. For businesses without a work-from-home culture, setting up a secure, available, and productive remote operation can be daunting. That’s why we’re committing ourselves to being here to help.

We are determined that the Coronavirus emergency should be surmountable for everyone. Given the decrease in human-to-human interaction, we’re already seeing our client’s digital and telephony contact volumes increase, something which can quickly cause pain for the unprepared. Additional resource, extended opening hours, and maintaining quality standards are all challenges that can be presented when query volumes start to go through the roof.

This, though, is where we believe we can help. Throughout our 8-year history, we have focused on providing high-quality care quickly and managing communication issues for clients of various sizes, across multiple industries. We know reacting quickly by getting up to speed and getting advisors in front of worried customers is key to making it through the sort of scenario the Coronavirus represents.

Therefore, or as long as the NHS declares COVID-19 to be a level 4 scenario or higher, we are committing to helping every new business that needs support. Whether it’s manning your phone line, providing out-of-hours care, or ensuring your customers can reach you across webchat, social media, email or more; we are determined to help see you through.

You can see more about how to access emergency cover, including free contacts to help alleviate your volume, here.

2020 is proving a pretty inauspicious start to the decade, but the technology and processes exist to ensure your customers can continue to be given the time and answers they need. If we can help then, please, do get in touch. This is a difficult time for everyone, but we have the tools and experience between us to make a success of it.


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