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Business Transformation - People, Processes, and Technology

In this video we discuss how to transform your business with people, processes, and technology.

March 18th, 2020


Charlotte Flanagan


People, processes, and technology is commonly referred to as the golden triangle. They are the three keys to successful project implementations, organisational change, and a back-to-basics approach to solving complex business problems.  

The reason for this triangular focus comes down to one very important fact: operational efficiency requires an approach that optimises the relationships between people, processes, and technology. By focusing on only one or two of these areas, an imbalance is created.  

If you take a new piece of technology, for example, many companies believe that by installing a new tool, their problems will instantly go away. What they’re not seeing is that tech is only as good as the processes implemented around it. And processes are only as good as the people who execute them.  

Now the question we’re going to explore today is: “how do you get the balance right?”  


When you’re striving to achieve success, you need to start with the people involved by identifying key role-players and understanding what each brings to the table. You also need to make sure that your team consists of the right people, that have the right skills, experience, and attitude to help you solve your problems.  

Making sure that your colleagues have the confidence they need to have the right skills to be successful in your organisation is super important under the golden triangle model.  


Once your people are committed to the cause, you need to consider the process. Ask yourself an important question: “what processes do we need in order to solve this business problem we’re currently faced with?” A good place to start is by identifying the big key steps. Once those are in place, you can then focus on a more detailed level by looking at process variations, exceptions, interdependencies, and supporting processes to go with them.  

The next big step is to review your processes and make them as streamlined as possible.  


Finally, to complete your golden triangle, you need to select the technology. You can now look at new technologies to support your people and processes. It’s never a good idea to force a technology then attempt to retrofit the people and processes around it. Tech should always be the final consideration, once the problem is clearly defined, and your solutions and requirements around the solutions have been understood.  


Before you start your business transformation, you need to make sure you have your golden triangle of people, processes, and technology.  

The biggest mistake we see organisations make is underestimating how long establishing the balance can take. If you’re struggling to find the right balance, an independent view can help. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.  


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