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Why Outsource Customer Service
Mythbusting: Outsourced Customer Service Sucks
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Becca Le Blond

Deciding whether or not to outsource your customer service is a big decision. Do you spend a lot of time and money on building an in-house team you have full control of, or do you let go of the reins and go to someone with experience for a lower price?

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Get Ahead of The Game

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Our industry is jam-packed with jargon. If you're ready to impress in the next board meeting, check out our dictionary.

26th Sep 2018
Guide: Getting Started With Customer Service

We're sharing our insights and experience as customer service providers for major retails and logistics clients to help your in-house team make educated decisions about channel, hours, tech and measurement.

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Running Customer Service
26th Sep 2018
White Paper: Webchat Optimisation Strategies

Webchat needs to be your priority customer service channel. Growth in ecommerce has produced a surge in online customer service demands which webchat is uniquely placed to meet in a fast, effective, cost efficient way.

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26th Sep 2018
Guide: Tackling Burst Contact Volumes

Every year, retailers and customer service teams come under immense pressure to react quickly to fluctuating customer contact volumes - in this brief guide, we're covering 5 key strategies that work for us, every time. Find out what your customer service team can do react faster to fluctuating customer service volumes this peak season.

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Essential Customer Service Skills
25th Sep 2018
White Paper: Using Automation In Customer Care

Automation and AI are the route to efficient customer service. They offer multiple ways to improve your customer experience, enabling you to optimise your costs without sacrificing service quality.

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CS automation best practices
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