Kokoon and FM Outsource: Transformation Project

Kokoon and FM Outsource began working together in May 2018 and now, two years later, both are enjoying exciting growth.

Kokoon is a technology company that produces headphones with an accompanying app designed to create “the ultimate sleep sanctuary”. The Kokoon headphone experience is tailored to each individual, ensuring they get the best nights’ sleep possible.

It’s very exciting to be working with Kokoon, especially as they are a start-up company. Forming a partnership has been very rewarding and it’s been great to be part of their journey. I’m looking forward to our future and seeing what other great things we can do for Kokoon and their customers.

Daniel Foster, Head of Service Delivery at FM Outsource

The customer care operation has been designed to help Kokoon scale as they moved from pre-order to launch, through to the ongoing growth of the company. Using FM Outsource’s cost per contact model and flexible resource structure, they have been able to adapt to the increase in their contact volume whilst keeping costs low. FM Outsource has streamlined operational processes using technology to provide industry-leading customer care for Kokoon customers.

FM Outsource have been a fantastic support for our business as we’ve progressed and grown over the last 2 years. As a small company launching our first product, the flexible pricing and resources were vital for us as we grew month on month. Our customer support team have been invaluable, and we look forward to working with them and the wider FM Outsource team going forward.

Kirsty Young, Operations Manager at Kokoon