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A Guide to 24/7 Customer Care

At this time of digital transformation 24/7 customer service accessibility is essential. Your customer care team needs to be available at all times, whenever your customers want them.

Mythbusting: Outsourced Customer Service Sucks!

There are many myths surrounding outsourcing customer service that are far from true if the right outsourcer is used. This blog will debunk some of the most common outsourcing misconceptions.

Customer Service Recruitment Agency vs. Outsourcer

Recruitment agencies aren’t invested in your brand’s success, so why hire them when you could outsource? Using an outsourcer gives you access to a high quality and flexible resource that is scalable to suit individual business.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

To improve your customer satisfaction, it is crucial that you know how to measure it first. Our blog will show you well-established, effective methods for measuring brand sentiment.

Using Customer Service to Improve Customer Sentiment

To improve customer sentiment, you have to use every tool in your toolbelt. And customer service can be one of the most powerful. The better your relationship with customers, the more likely they are to spend money with you.

The Benefits of a VIP Customer List

Want to know more about what a VIP customer list is? Wondering about customer segmentation? We can tell you everything there is to know and teach you how to implement them yourself.

Keeping Tone Of Voice Consistent

Brand tone of voice is easy to get right in your marketing – but it’s not easy in a contact centre, where the subject matter isn’t always positive. Here are our top tips to get it right.