Your journey to become part of FM Outsource

We are confident that our years of industry experience have enabled us to create the perfect formula that provides our candidates with a smooth transition into our roles.

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Your candidate-to-employee journey


Here you can find out a little more about FM by watching our video. Next, we will ask you to fill out a short application form and submit your CV. This stage also allows you to stipulate what shift patterns you can work.

Skills Assessment

At this stage, we ask you to complete a skills assessment, consisting of a grammar test and typing speed & accuracy test. This should take approximately 8-10 minutes.

Online Interview

Hooray! You passed your skills assessment and now you are invited to an online interview. You can practice and record your answers ready to be assessed!

2nd Interview

The best applicants will then be invited to attend a second-stage remote interview with a member of our Recruitment team.

Onboarding Call

After your 2nd interview, you will be invited to attend an onboarding call with a member of our Recruitment team. This is an opportunity to ask more questions and learn even more about FM and the role.

Pre-Employment Checks

At this stage, we collect ID and references, conduct right-to-work checks, and draft your contract. In the background, we will also be working on getting you signed up for our training programme.


Depending on the role, your training will either be through our new e-learning software or our training school. After this, you will enter Grad Bay, where you will get to work on some interactions with a supervisor always on hand to help. This stage should take around 2 weeks.


At this point, you are ready to fly solo! But don’t worry; your Team Leaders and Campaign Managers will take care of you from here on and help with any particularly difficult queries.

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