Author: Emma Martins

Capacity and Communication: the Key to Customer Service in a Crisis

From fires in Greece and air traffic control failures seeing holiday-makers stranded to an airport fire damaging visitor vehicles more recently, crises beyond a business’ control can create significant ramifications for operations – and often customers in turn. So how do you handle customer service in a crisis?

10 Advisor Skills to Handle Difficult Customer Service Interactions

These skills not only enable advisers to handle difficult customer service interactions effectively but also contribute to overall customer retention and loyalty. By investing in the training and development of these abilities, your advisers can turn challenging interactions into opportunities to create positive customer experiences.

Amazon Prime Days: Why Customer Service is Key to Success

What makes Amazon’s Prime Days so successful, and why do people eagerly anticipate it year after year, despite the continuous rumour that the prices just aren’t that good? The answer lies in Amazon’s customer service and the power of personalisation.

An Effective Outbound Calling Strategy: Saving Money and Building Loyalty [Infographic]

While most businesses focus their efforts on inbound customer service, it’s equally crucial to recognize the significance of outbound call centres and the strategies that drive outbound calling efforts. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the importance of outbound call centres and how they can help businesses save money while strengthening customer relationships.