Author: Abbey Brown

Keeping Tone Of Voice Consistent

Brand tone of voice is easy to get right in your marketing – but it’s not easy in a contact centre, where the subject matter isn’t always positive. Here are our top tips to get it right.

How to Choose a Customer Communication Tool

Software plays a fundamental role in your customer care strategy, so getting the right one is vital. This guide covers how to find the right communication platform using our tried and tested process.

How to Run a Remote Customer Service Centre

Working remotely is the new normal, but getting it to work at scale is anything but straightforward. We’re exploring how FM Outsource makes it a successful model for any size of contact centre.

Kokoon and FM Outsource: Transformation Project

Kokoon, an industry-leading headphone producer, partners with FM Outsource to transform its customer care operation. Kokoon and FM Outsource began working together in 2018 and are now both enjoying exciting growth.