The Story of FM So Far

From the initial idea to working alongside some of the UK's biggest and brightest.

About FM

As a company founded by our CEO's love of social media and communication, we love making every interaction count. We're not all about numbers, and we pride ourselves on making every customer feel like they’re the most important around. That's the FM way.

The idea started life as a university project for our CEO. He realised, as part of his internship, that he couldn’t find an easy solution to tackling social media interactions as part of a team. So he set out to right that wrong.

Things officially got off the ground in 2012. We opened our first office in Greater Manchester and onboarded our first major client - an international logistics firm.

In 2015, our little space had us bursting out the seams - we wanted elbow room, and more, to grow. We purchased office spaces in London, Florida, and Dubai, and moved the head office to Bury. Today, we have over 240 operators covering verticals across retail, tech, security, and logistics.